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Pet of the Month


  Anim-Mates-Josh This beautiful young man is Josh He was found straying with a terrible wound to his neck, this was caused by a nasty abcess. The volunteer based, charity animal rescue Anim-Mates, trapped him and brought him into us for treatment. How Josh was treated The large wound on Josh's neck was 8cm's in [...]

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Dental Health Awareness-October Special Dental Offer for Cats and Dogs OCTOBER DENTAL OFFER Here in the surgery October is dental awareness month Periodontal disease is quite a common ailment in cats and dogs, common symptoms to look out for are smelly breath, red gums, drooling, eating slower, preferring soft food over hard food, possibly pawing [...]

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Remember, remember… Other animals on Bonfire Night!


Remember, remember, the fifth of November, Fear and fire and fright. ‘Twas on the fifth night of November, They set my bedroom alight. It’s not just dogs and cats who don’t like Bonfire Night! Other animals are also at risk, and it’s really important you make sure that, whatever festivities you have planned, you try [...]

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