Vaccinations protect your pet against infectious diseases which can cause pain, suffering and can be fatal.

Are you planning on taking your pet abroad?

We can assist you with a Pet Passport, in addition to the required dog/cat vaccinations, Id chip, Flea and Worming treatments, you may be required to have one or two Rabies vaccinations and a possible blood test-It is important for you to read the requirements on the official DEFRA website for the country you are planning on visiting- Please call us for further information and to book an appointment.

General Advice

We are happy to provide advice on any concerns you may have, including diet, training, socialisation, unwanted behaviours and husbandry to name a few.
We stock a large selection of Hills and Royal Canin food; you can order most food for next day delivery if we do not hold it in stock.


Surgical procedures are routinely performed in the morning. If your pet has to come in for a surgical procedure, we ask that you bring them into the practice between 8.15am and 8.45am. We fully appreciate that this can be a worrying time for you, on admission there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have. The Vet or Nurse will explain the procedure and the expected outcome.
After admission your pet will be given a pre-medication, this includes a mild sedative, to help them relax. We make every effort to keep risks to a minimum; every pet is kept under the close supervision of the Vet and the Nursing team.

Home Visits

We appreciate that sometimes it can be very stressful for you or your pet to attend the practice and in some situations, it is more appropriate to see your pet at home. We offer home visits for animals under our care and make every effort to accommodate a suitable time


Microchipping gives you the best chance of being reunited with your beloved pet should they ever get lost. It is now compulsory in the UK for all dogs over the age of eight weeks to have a microchip following a change to legislation in April 2016.

It is a quick and simple procedure; a microchip is a tiny radio chip, about the size of a grain of rice, this is injected under your pet’s skin. The microchip contains a unique identification number which is logged on a national database and this will match up to the contact details you provide.

Remember – should you ever move house or change your telephone number, you need to update your details on this database – a microchip is of no use if the contact details are out-of-date.


  • Digital X-rays: We are immediately able to get a clearer picture of what is going on inside your pet and it is better for the environment.
  • Ultrasound with Doppler – a non-invasive test to allow us to look inside your pet’s body, including blood flow through vessels.

  • In house laboratory –with blood analyser for biochemistry, haematology and electrolytes, Microscopy and Urinalysis – our fully trained staff can run tests in-house, giving faster diagnosis.
  • Digital blood pressure monitor – allowing us to check your pet’s blood pressure quickly and easily.
  • ECG – for monitoring the electrical activity of your pet’s heart
  • Surgical Theatre – a clean and sterile environment for procedures

  • Digital Tonometer – for monitoring the pressure in your pet’s eyes
  • Dental Equipment: Dental x-ray machine for identifying problems within the roots of the teeth.

  • Individual Kennels – allowing your pet a quiet and stress-free environment to rest in.

  • Pet Passport – necessary if you are keen to take your pets abroad with you.

Pet Insurance

Each year 1 in 3 pets is injured or becomes ill* and needs urgent veterinary treatment.Insurance can help you cover the cost of these unexpected bills leaving you free to concentrate on helping an important member of your family recover.

Stanhope Veterinary Centre recommend having your pet insured and are accredited as an Appointed Representative of Vetsure Pet Insurance ®. Through working relationships with the veterinary profession Vetsure aims to offer the best value for money premiums and access to the highest standards of treatment through their network of trusted practices.

We promote Vetsure Pet Insurance ® because…

We are part of the trusted Vetsure network. This means that Vetsure are happy for us to settle the bill directly with them when you make an eligible claim. After treatment you simply pay us the policy excess.

Pick and choose from a range of benefits and benefit levels to suit your budget. To further adjust your monthly premium, you can choose from a range of excess levels (£69, £109 or £149).

If your pet develops an ongoing condition like arthritis or diabetes, the vet treatment benefits offered will recharge every year for each condition**. Vetsure also only charge the excess once per unrelated condition – many insurers charge the excess every year – which can soon make costs add up.

Vetsure offer optional Preventative Care Vouchers to help cover the costs of vaccination, neutering and worming.

For more information visit    or call 0800 050 20 22

Alternatively, ask a clinic staff member to arrange a call from the Vetsure team at your convenience!

Get 5 weeks pet insurance free!

*source: Datamonitor – UK Pet Insurance 2008.
**provided your premiums are kept up to date and your policy remains in place.